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Information and Resources About Q-Net Security and Our Products


Software Security Vs. Hardware Security: Which Is Better?

If you haven’t invested in a solid cybersecurity strategy yet, then you should choose one before you become the latest victim to an insidious cyberattack. The question remains, however: which is a better solution – software security or hardware security?

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Prevent Future Catastrophic Hacks with Q-Net Security

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ve probably heard that the U.S. government was hacked last month. If that isn’t alarming enough, then consider this – the Russian hack of SolarWinds’ Orion update, which was only discovered on December 9, 2020, actually began as far back as March, affecting up to 18,000 customers, including Departments of Defense, Energy, State, Homeland Security, Treasury, Commerce, and other federal agencies. Additionally, many Fortune 500, consulting, technology, telecoms, and oil and gas companies operating in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East were also the victims of this ongoing attack.

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What Is Quantum Computing?

Imagine if you had the power to essentially rewrite the laws of math and break codes much more easily, even surpassing the power of the late mathematician John Nash. This is the mysterious side of computing that we’ll be discussing here: quantum computing.

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Why the Q-Box Doesn’t Require Updates

Cyberattacks are becoming more common. Almost every day, headlines announce the latest cyberattacks, which target companies of all sizes, expose secrets and precious data, and cost organizations outrageous amounts of money. Cybercriminals are finding more insidious ways to infiltrate a company’s seemingly impenetrable network infrastructure.

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Cybersecurity Prevention vs. Detection

Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving field and there are several approaches used to protect information and infrastructure. Overall, these can be identified as strategies for either network intrusion prevention or detection. While both work well in tandem, both can also be used individually and be highly effective.

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Industrial Control System - Use Case

An independent test conducted by Red Berry Innovations demonstrated the effectiveness of Q-Net Security’s quantum compute-resistant cybersecurity solution in an Industrial Control System (ICS) environment.

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Why Hardware

Cybersecurity attacks are increasingly prevalent and many products have become available for detecting such attacks. However, few products can be found that prevent these malicious attacks. In these pages we examine the advantages of using special-purpose hardware to protect the confidentiality and integrity of data. This protection includes encryption of data, authentication of the data source, verification that the data have not been corrupted and have been transmitted over explicitly authorized links.

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