Saint Louis, Missouri, July 6, 2020

Q-Net Security, Inc. (QNS) is pleased to announce a $3M project from the U.S. Air Force, as part of a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research contract. This research will advance the development of the QNS’ cybersecurity product, and partners QNS with the Air Force’s Cryptologic and Cyber Systems Division.

QNS is an innovative cyber security company based in St. Louis, Missouri. Founded in 2015 by a team of highly acclaimed technologists, engineers, and security experts, QNS is driven to secure critical infrastructure. QNS solutions drop into networks to protect devices and provide secure communication that may leverage public networks, including LTE and the Internet. Through the power, performance, and the immutability of its solution, the QNS hardware-barrier is a groundbreaking approach to cybersecurity; in 2019, QNS was selected as one of the Top 10 Security Solutions by CFO Tech Outlook.

This SBIR contract is a highly competitive program coordinated through the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and AFWERX, the Air Force’s team of innovators. AFRL and AFWERX have partnered to streamline the Small Business Innovation Research process in an attempt to speed up the experience, broaden the pool of potential applicants and decrease bureaucratic overhead. Beginning with SBIR 18.2, in 2018, and now in 20.R, the Air Force has begun offering ‘Special’ SBIR topics that are faster, leaner, and open to a broader range of innovations.

QNS begins its Phase II activities immediately, creating an impenetrable network to the tactical edge where warfighters and battlespace systems can communicate with ultimate protection and confidence. “QNS will expand its industry-defining record by delivering critical security to defense applications as it has been doing for utilities, manufacturing, finance, and transportation”, writes Dr. Ron Indeck, QNS CEO. “AFMC AFLCMC HNCCA CCSD has a national defense-related mission need, specifically Air Force Communication Security. This mission impact of this project on the Air Force and the Department of Defense will be securing communications to the warfighter not secured today,” said Andrew Ho, USAF Cryptologic and Cyber Systems Director.

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