ST. LOUIS, Sept. 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- US Military hardware developed by Q-Net Security is now being made available to US civilian consumers in response to the rapid increase in cyberattacks. Experts hope the new plug-and-play technology will be quickly rolled out to help repel cyberattackers from targeting US civilian infrastructure—attacks which happened in recent months to both Colonial Pipeline and JBS Foods.

“Face it. Cyberspace is getting more dangerous every day”, says Intel’s Steven Liebson in a recent article.

“We now have US made-and-owned technology to protect civilian infrastructure with intelligence-grade security. We’ve made securing a networked device as simple as plug-and-play,” says Q-Net CEO Dr. Ron Indeck. “Now, there are no more excuses”.

Hardware-based security—known as HardSec—has already been embraced by the US Air Force and a suite of US Government agencies, and is now being adopted by leading utilities.

The newly-revealed technology—known as a Q-Box—utilizes purpose-defined hardware in an Intel® Cyclone® FPGA. Unlike traditional cybersecurity software, the FPGA chips are programmed with physical pins, and since they run no software, they cannot be hacked remotely. This technology provides protection without requiring changes or additions to an endpoint’s legacy code and with no modifications to existing equipment.

“The idea is simple cloaking technology”, explains Dr. Indeck. “You can’t attack what you can’t see”.

The Q-Box can be used to protect a wide range of networked devices including ATMs, gaming machines, and Operational Technology (OT) networks in buildings, factories, refineries, and utilities.

Experts agree that software security programs have become obsolete in the era of sophisticated nation-state attacks.

"We already know that no cybersecurity software is provably secure," says Dr. Jerry Cox, founding chairman of the Department of Computer Science at Washington University in St. Louis.

"HardSec devices, such as the Q-Net Security Q-Box, are easy to implement, and because they run no software, they don't require patching or other standard maintenance. As such they're often cheaper for utilities than a software-based alternative.”

“Best of all, they’re provably secure. Can any other cybersecurity solution match up?”

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