Ensuring security through active partners.

Q-Net Security’s technology is used internationally, and we have ongoing partnerships and relationships with various other stakeholders in the cybersecurity ecosystem. We are proud to be connected with the an ever-growing list of partners, integrators, and other stakeholders.

Anterix Ecosystem Member

We are a founding member of Anterix Ecosystem, a suite of technology partners that can provide commercial-ready cybersecurity solutions. Our technology is “drop-in” ready and can be used in conjunction with partner solutions to create robust, resilient cybersecurity networks.

Intel Partner Program Member

We are a member of the Intel commercial partner program, which allows us to leverage the power and versatility of Intel hardware, and contribute our cybersecurity solutions to a worldwide network of diverse companies and industries.

Tradewind Member

We are a member of the Tradewind network, a novel program that brings together private capital, government and military organizations, researchers, and non-traditional companies to provide AI and AI-adjacent technologies to stakeholders through rapid acquisition mechanisms. We are proud to support the DoD by securing our cyber front and addressing real warfighter needs.