Company Description

Q-Net Security (QNS) secures critical infrastructure and the networks that run them. QNS delivers the strongest commercially available endpoint security solution and focuses on network intrusion prevention. Our devices and are now protecting regions of the national electrical grid; we are beginning to secure financial networks, including ATM networks; and providing factory-floor protection of Industrial Control Systems. These products are engineered from immutable, purpose-built hardware and do not use any operating systems or vulnerable software; they are provably-secure as they can't be changed or respond to malware. The drop-in secure network overlay has attributes that might be characterized as a distributed firewall together with sessionless VPN tunnels providing fine-grained network micro-segmentation. These devices deliver remarkably strong security yet are easy to implement with unified endpoint management, without endpoint or network modifications, and never need to be updated or patched once deployed.

Job Summary

Software engineers work closely with our hardware engineers to build accelerated processing engines, finding innovative ways to optimize algorithms and data structures. This design process involves creative design trade-offs. Our software engineers create essential product building blocks, including client facing APIs, management interfaces, monitoring utilities, and quality testing applications. We are constantly finding ways to secure new use cases and tackle complicated problems. Engineers engage topics as diverse as artificial intelligence, encryption, data security, and many others. This team is small enough that all our engineers have an immediate and visible impact. We have more business critical applications to productize than engineers.


Candidates should also satisfy most of the qualifications below:

  • BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science / Computer Engineering
  • Experience in software developer roles preferred
  • Embedded, bare metal software experience desired
  • Working experience with C++, including a firm grasp of OO fundamentals
  • A solid foundation in algorithms and data structures, Including algorithmic complexity
  • Experience optimizing and tuning applications for performance
  • Experience building, debugging and analyzing applications in a Linux environment

    • GCC, GDB, Valgrind, etc
  • Experience with profiling and memory analysis tools

    • Purify, OProfile, DUMA, CodeAnalyst, etc
  • Familiarity with scripting and web languages (shell, Perl, Python, PHP, etc)
  • Low level operating system knowledge and / or driver experience


Complementing the exciting work helping to build the fastest products on the market, we offer an extensive set of benefits including

  • Great health and dental benefits for employees and their dependents
  • Tremendous impact and growth opportunities – our small team is growing rapidly
  • Vacation / Holiday Time: Employees start with 2 weeks of vacation and 10 paid holidays
  • Extremely competitive salary
  • Casual dress code
  • Great team excited about the company and what we build together