The Verkada hack of 150,000 security cameras could have been prevented.

The successful hack of 150,000 security cameras via Silicon Valley security startup Verkada is a major security breach of deep concern, particularly as it could have been prevented.

The Verkada security camera system was reportedly hacked by an international collective wanting to show that “the company wasn’t taking security seriously enough.” We agree.

All security software, by its nature, can be re-written; as such, all software-based cybersecurity solutions are vulnerable to hackers. But a new class of simple, cost-effective solutions on the market – hardware-based solutions – could have protected these sensitive camera feeds and prevented the Verkada hack from ever happening.

While this is not the first compromise of America’s vast network of security cameras, it could be the last. The addition of hardware-based security systems - such as Q-Net Security’s Q-Box - to the current portfolio of software cybersecurity programs would have for this compromise. Until this action is taken, all unsecured camera feeds remain at risk of future successful cyberattacks.