Cyberattacks are becoming more common. Almost every day, headlines announce the latest cyberattacks, which target companies of all sizes, expose secrets and precious data, and cost organizations outrageous amounts of money. Cybercriminals are finding more insidious ways to infiltrate a company’s seemingly impenetrable network infrastructure. While companies constantly scramble to update their systems, there is an easier, hands-off solution that requires no patches – Q-Net Security’s Q-Box. Let’s take a deeper look:

Fighting an Uphill Battle

The fight against cybercriminals is one that is frequently lost. To remain protected, companies perform a myriad of updates, patches, and additional monitoring, requiring highly-trained professionals to stay ahead and secure their infrastructure. Solutions to preventing a cyberattack through a compromised network are multi-layered sets of products that usually begin with firewalls blocking malware while letting good data pass.

However, many systems must be set up, monitored, and updated regularly. Managing to execute these jobs effectively while doing the business of the company is painstaking and time consuming. Besides, all software solutions are not provably secure; this is evident from the number of companies experiencing compromises and malicious attacks.

Q-Net Security Can Prevent Cyberattacks

Companies don’t need to struggle so much against clever cybercriminals and spend their time and money with cumbersome software. Q-Net Security provides a provably-secure product and quantum compute-resistant micro-segmentation. We take a hardware-only approach to secure critical infrastructure and essential networks, focusing on protecting precious data and sensitive endpoints. Our solution is simple and straight-forward: drop-in with easy, centralized management, prioritizing network intrusion prevention rather than detection.

No Updates Required

Because of our hardware-only approach to secure network infrastructure, Q-Boxes needs no patches or updates, ever. That’s because immutable, purpose-built hardware, that does not use any operating systems or vulnerable software –simply cannot be changed by malware or respond to it in any way. Additionally, intrusion into the Q-Box through the network is virtually impossible, and keys are generated through an industry-leading True Random Number Generator, that produces new keys as frequently as a million times per second. This is unique compared to all other devices, which require updates when issues are discovered.

Better yet, no advanced training is needed to utilize the Q-Box, and no changes are necessary to the endpoints or network. It is a simple solution that will ultimately save time, money, and a lot of frustration.

Trust Q-Net Security

The Q-Net Security solution design highlights the care that we took to ensure that our devices can be placed in the field for years, if not decades, even in a post-quantum world. We are committed to protecting our customers, their infrastructure, and their data! Take steps today to protect your company by implementing our strong hardware solution. Contact Q-Net Security today at [email protected] to learn more or get started! We’ll even send you a demo kit for evaluation.