The recent ransomware attack on JBS Foods highlights how unprepared and at risk our nation’s critical infrastructure is to cyberattack, according to cybersecurity experts.

The installation of simple hardware known as HardSec - hardware-based security - could have prevented remote attackers from being able to exploit flaws in the JBS Foods IT system and move into the operational systems.

“The lack of adequate cybersecurity on our critical manufacturing infrastructure is deeply concerning”, states Dr. Ron Indeck, cybersecurity expert and CEO of Q-Net Security.

“Consumers should be asking why JBS Foods - one of the world’s largest food companies - had not yet taken the simple step of installing hardsec devices to secure such a vital piece of our food system”.

Increasingly, consumers are no longer accepting that cybersecurity attacks are inevitable. The hack on Accellion systems in February 2021 prompted a class-action lawsuit, asserting the company was negligent for failing to secure its systems.

All security software, by its nature, can be changed; as such, all conventional software-based cybersecurity solutions are vulnerable to hackers. But the new class of simple, cost-effective, US-made hardware-based solutions - such as Q-Net Security’s Q-Box - could have deterred remote attackers and made the JBS Foods operational system ‘provably secure’ against cyber attacks.

Statement issued 2 June 2021 from Q-Net Security. For more, please visit